Cancellation Policy

VIP LINKS Cancellation Policy – Effective July 2023

Welcome to VIP LINKS, a premier provider of luxury transportation services under AUS VIP SERVICES Pty Ltd. This document outlines our cancellation, adjustment, and other related policies to ensure clarity and mutual understanding between us and our valued clients. Our goal is to provide exceptional, safe, and reliable transportation solutions tailored to your needs.


– **Cancellation:** Withdrawal from a service agreement must be communicated through our designated channels.

– **Termination:** The end of services initiated by VIP LINKS due to various reasons.

– **Adjustment:** Modifications to booking details.

– **Charges:** Additional costs incurred beyond the initial quote.

– **Refund:** Agreed-upon return of funds under specific conditions within 30 business days.

– **Business Days:** Monday to Saturday, excluding public holidays.

– **Clients:** Users of our services, referred to as “you”.

– **VIP LINKS:** The trading name of AUS VIP SERVICES Pty Ltd in this context.

General Cancellation Policy

Our policy permits immediate cancellation under circumstances that compromise the safety of our service providers or clients. This includes situations at pickup, during service, or approaching drop-off. A 100% cancellation fee applies if:


– You are uncontactable within 1 hour before or 15 minutes after the scheduled time.

– Cancellation is made less than 2 days prior to the booking date.

Service-Specific Policies

Airport Transportation

100% cancellation fee for issues like incorrect flight details or inability to contact the client. No refunds for cancellations due to weather or airport emergencies affecting flights.

Special Events

Cancellations occur if contact cannot be made within 1 hour before or after the requested time. Adjustments require VIP LINKS’ approval.

Door to Door and Family Transfer

These services follow our normal cancellation policy.

Personalised Tours

Terms are updated as per client requests, with specific conditions applying. Only includes schedules provided by VIP LINKS.

Hourly Service

Defined as hire per hour, with a 100% non-refundable cancellation fee once payment is made. Full refunds only in case of safety incidents related to the vehicle or driver documentation.

Amendments to Policy

VIP LINKS reserves the right to amend this policy without notice, ensuring our ability to provide the highest quality service. For a detailed understanding of how these policies apply to your booking, please contact us directly.


Our policies are designed to protect the interests and safety of both our clients and service providers. By choosing VIP LINKS for your luxury transportation needs, you agree to these terms, ensuring a seamless and secure experience. Thank you for trusting VIP LINKS with your travel needs.